Young Boats has once again answered the requests of fishermen with the launch of our newest model in our GulfShore line—the GulfShore 17.

This new boat is the answer for the shallow/inshore fisherman who wants to fish and run extremely skinny as well as have excellent rough water capabilities!

The GulfShore 17 is based on the very popular GulfShore 20 hull. With a 7'8" beam and very wide gunnels {13"}, it is one of the most stable boats in its class on the market. It is a very dry, self-bailing hull that has the soft ride in chop which is characteristic of the GulfShore and Young line of boats.

A customer has the flexibility of custom layouts such as a center console, center elevated helm or aft elevated helm. Even with customization, the construction is the proven Young Boats "quality construction" but with the cost effective efficient sprayed on exterior finish including non-skid.

Truly, this newest model is an exciting addition to the Young Boats family of high performance quality fishing boats.